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Our objective for this is to give potential customers some insight into what types of video we can create, showing them that we know how to create compelling video, backed with a comprehensive marketing and amplification strategy. The main call to action here is to request their video strategy session.

Go Agency is Your Strategic Video Production Agency

At Go Agency, we know video.

We specialise in creating engaging storytelling video content that converts. Video these days is so critical to every business whether it be a corporate style video for your business, a range of online and social videos, got a special event you want captured for memories or promotional purposes.

whatever your budget or deadline – our team of video specialists will breathe new life into your business and not only shoot great video for you but we’ll show you how to maximise your ROI with how to leverage it in your marketing.

What We Do

We’re a full-service video production and marketing agency offering an affordable and effective end-to-end video content, production and marketing services to small and medium sized businesses across Australia.

We’ve created

  • Branded Content
  • Commercial Video
  • Corporate Videos
  • Social Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Explainer Videos

Video Production from The Sunshine Coast but taking on the world!

Welcome to 2019! It’s a time when more than 75% of your potential customers would prefer to watch a 30-second video about your business than read anything about it. In a world full of distractions, you need a video and a message that cuts through the noise, captures the attention of your ideal client, and gets them to take action.

But how do you create great video that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

That’s exactly what Go Agency is here for. We’re all about making marketing profitable, and we love to use video to connect with clients.

We have a small team of video specialists who excel at creating strategic and creative video content that converts. But that doesn’t mean we’re out of your budget! On the contrary – our services are fully scalable, and our rates are competitive (we work with budgets and businesses of all sizes). Request your free quote by clicking the button below.

Corporate Video

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Web & Social Video

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Branded Content

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Product Videos

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Event Videos

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Video Marketing Strategy

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Campaign Performance Tracking + Analytics

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How We Work (Our Process)

We have a simple, straightforward approach for creating videos for your business to use to help you drive more customers and sales. We believe that great video production and significant ROI comes from what you do before a single second of video is shot — it’s all about the planning!

Strategy and planning are critical for the success of any video production.

These are some of the key questions you’ll need to answer:

What’s the purpose of the video, i.e., what do you want it for?
Where you’ll deploy it and in what formats?
What about style? Do you want it funny/serious/informative?

All of these factors are things we find out way before we get to the fun part!

We have a simple 6-step process when it comes to our video production, and we’ve detailed it down below.

Our 6-Step Process

Step 1

Video Discovery Session

Step 2

Concept & Brainstorming Session

Step 3

Planning Session

Step 4

Shoot Day

Step 5

Post Production

Step 6

Deployment and Amplification

Video Production Services

Want to amplify your business? We create compelling, creative corporate style videos for your business that’ll help get your message across to your clients. We know business is all about maximizing your ROI so we help to strategically map out your videos and your marketing plan to ensure that this happens. We specialise in smart, storytelling corporate video content that converts. Whether your business needs event video, explainer videos, company brand story videos, commercials, social videos; or company videos of any kind; we can help!

So if your looking to create sleek, modern well structured and of course strategically designed content that converts then you need to look no further!
We work with brands and businesses of all sizes and we scale our services to meet your budget and requirements.

Video Examples

  • Web & Social Video
  • Explainer Video
  • Brand Story Videos
  • Customer Video
  • Testimonials
  • Branded Video Content
  • Corporate Event Video
  • Video Strategy & Performance

Want to know how these social media influences are gaining massive traction and views on their videos? They are creating quality content that their ideal client best responds to and then they amplify it using the social platforms. But what makes a good social media video that gets lost of engagement and views?

Our team of digital marketers and video content specialists know social; we understand how your social video content will be used, consumed and shared; and we integrate these factors into our video production processes. Whether you’re a small start-up or large organisation, our Sydney video production agency can devise a plan to maximise your advertising efforts across various social platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. We can help increase sales, ROI and brand awareness, while communicating your brand story in the most effective, engaging & authentic way. #satisfactionguaranteed

Video Examples

  • Social Video Advertising
  • Sales Videos
  • Branded Content
  • Social Video Strategy
  • Website Video
  • How-To-Videos
  • Campaign Performance

In today’s crowded advertising space, connecting with consumers on an emotional level is crucial. Getting them to know not only what you do and how you do it but the game changer is really WHY you do it. In Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why he explains that people buy into why you do what you do rather than what you do. So promoting your business with clever, creative, narrative-driven, authentic branded content videos will always drive higher conversion giving you a distinct advantage over your competitors and traditional advertising efforts. Your potential customers are just like you and me, they want to understand and connect with meaningful content, it just makes sense. We create branded content marketing that sells through the power of story.

Video Examples:

  • Short Films
  • Viral Videos
  • Social Advertisements
  • Documentaries
  • Creative Content
  • Event videos
  • How To Videos
  • Educational

​With almost every man and his dog selling something on Amazon these days and having a side hustle it can be hard to get your product in front of your ideal avatar. So having a high quality product videos can be the competitive edge that your business needs in order to increase sales and revenues for your business. Not having a video is really bad but stats also show that 62% of consumers are likely to have a negative perception of a brand who’ve released a poor-quality video.We’re experts at producing high-quality, dynamic and engaging product videos that focus on everything your product can do for your client. We create videos that connect with them and create the desire and intent needed to wow your customer!

Our team of video production specialists use the latest video, animation and digital production techniques to deliver high-caliber, cutting edge videos guaranteed to steal their attention and get them to purchase.

Video Examples:

  • Product Reveal Video
  • Sneak Peek Videos
  • Animated Product Videos
  • How to/Explainer Videos
  • Social Advertisements
  • Product Demo Tutorials
  • Testimonials

Got a special event coming up that you want to remember and promote for years to come? A high-quality event video or highlights reel can amplify the impact and success of an event, extend audience engagement, and increase audience reach. Event videos and highlight reels also function as highly effective marketing material for your business or brand. From corporate events like seminars, awards, conferences, trade shows and product launches; to sports, music, food, fashion and lifestyle events such as fashion shows and launch parties, Go Agency can do it all, making your business and your event the stars of the show!

Video Examples:

  • Event Highlights Reel
  • Corporate Events
  • Awards & Conferences
  • PR/ Launch Parties
  • Music/Sports Events

Today, attention spans are more limited than ever and we’ve never been more short of time. So creating engaging and informative training videos for your team, clients or prospects can help
communicate your message through emotive, thoughtful and engaging storytelling, guaranteed to capture and retain audience attention. Video also creates higher consistency in training, and allows for the extension of training across internal and external audiences cheaply and easily. From employee welcome and induction videos, corporate training and educational videos, to products and procedure video – we create training videos that engage, inspire and excite your audience, and help make your messages stick.

Video Examples:

  • Company Training Videos
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Employee Welcome Videos
  • Screencast Videos
  • Animations
  • Compliance Videos

Video Strategy & Enquiry Request

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